High Court Registrar Killed By Mother And Son Over 2500 Debt In Delta


Paul Eghodibie Ezenwosi, a High Court registrar in Delta Statehas been alledgely killed by a mother and her 16-year-old child.

According to gathered reports, the suspects attacked Ezenwosi at their residence in Owa-Oyibu, the Headquarter of Ika North East Local Government Area when he visited to demand the money the husband is owing to him.

Mr Ezenwosi disclosed that her late husband had sold a hen to Mr. Augustine Osafile during the year 2020 Easter period at the rate of Five Thousand Naira, (#5,000) of which he paid half of the money and promised to pay the balance on a later date.

“Ever since last year, my husband has been going to Augustine’s house for the money. Each time he goes there, his wife Stella and his sixteen-year-old son, Marvelous will embarrass him, calling him names and threatening to deal with him if he refuses to stop coming to their house,” the widow explained.

She added: “Of recent, that was on Thursday, May 29, 2021, my husband left home at about 6 pm to get the money from Augustine, on reaching there, he met his wife Stella and his sixteen years old son, Marvelous at home.

“My husband requested to see their father, Augustine and they knew my husband’s motive for coming, told him that their father was not around. On leaving the house, he met a friend, whom he was discussing with when Stella and his son, Marvelous came and started fighting him,”

According to her, when the two suspects saw that her husband was dying after using the plank to hit him on his head, they immediately rushed him to the Owa-Alero Hospital where he was confirmed dead minutes later. She added: “On reaching the hospital, they told the Doctors that my husband was involved in an accident that was why they brought him to the hospital and left. She further stated that her husband died few hours after he was brought to the hospital.”

I am calling to the Police For Proper Investigation.


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