His Royal Misfits – Mkpisi

His Royal Misfits – Mkpisi

Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

The salvation of Ndigbo neither lie with the Government or enfant Merchants who deals with our uneducated Youths like Robots with Fading Battery powers.

Only our Igwes should be liken to those whose Phone battery are Red in status where they are stranded in a dessert and they are playing CANDY CRUSH with it, an act that can only come from unsound mind.

We shouldn’t be worried about our Politicians who has term limit and who are limited by the word pedigree,a word they never heard of and can never be put to use by them ..

Today we should look deep at the only surviving enterprise that made mince meat of the West , when they came to us with half cooked Demon-crazy which they altered and made us call it Democracy.

They came with Caucasian Model of Governance which were designed without the provision of our creator who placed Men as head of families, in thier selfish design they removed the decree of God and place Marital powers in the hands of women and since then the world know no peace, which also was what went wrong with ADAM when he allowed EVE to decide just the eatables, she facilitated thier Exit from the Garden of Eden, a place God made permanent for them.

When the Caucasian came with thier illogical style of Governance only to discover we have a Unique Democratic setting shrouded around UMUNNA, UMUADA, IKWU, IBE, NDI NZE na NDI Ozo and it was extremely unique as it brought absolute peace and unity among us, with the above we were able to administer an impeccable style of leadership that BESTED whatever they brought from the land of the doomed, which we emulate after they shoved it down our throats with Guns pointed at our Foreheads and Bible inserted into our paws in place of Ofo na Ogu.

Then after surgically taking from us a style that served and saved us, they gave us what they called Warrant Chiefs a creation they brought up to build Ism and schism among the loving and understanding people called Ndigbo.

The warrant thieves mostly were given to AGAMEVU, men of questionable characters or Men with seared conscience,because of the ferocious understanding between the Colonial Demons and thier Chosen Warrant thieves or say the upgraded Miscreants they exalted, the warrant Thiefs was able to create fear with absolute fiefdom and dominance that is second to that of Pharaoh’s of Ancient Egypt.

The Warrant Chief evolved over time and today we call some of them His Royal Highness, which literally ROYAL is a word coin out of Royalty, but the attitude of most of those who ascribed Royalty is a great let down to street urchins, as Urchins are more Honourable than the Royal outcasts..

HIGHNESS in most of them are High on Weeds or Paw paw leaf.. But come let’s look deep into the Traditional heads of our Cultures..

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yeah we wept, when we remembered Zion
When the wicked Carried us away in captivity Required from us a song
Now how shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land”..

Way before now, when pedigree were attached to Royalty, when Igwe was a Sacred stead one can venture with fears and trembling, because you fear the reprisal of the gods in any misstep if you desecrate the throne.

That was when Igwe were not Rotational, when Igwe goes to people on merit, but once we started this same Demon that has destabilized everything we hold sacred called ZONING, which also caged the Nation and buried every progressive stride of any state, but today I cite Anambra as case study, Zoning has done more damages than OSU CASTE system of yesteryear and Nke bu Eziokwu is that the worst is yet to come off it as akwobedi Beans akwo.

Today even Agbero whose Business failed goes into Izo Igwe and when he won, he will be hawking titles like Pure Water on gridlocked .
They enthrone pure fraudulent hands as Cronnies or say Ndi Ichie, they install Amaka ekwu as Title Holders, the desecration of the Land has made the gods to be shedding Tears, but let’s move on..

“When the wicked Carried us away in captivity Requiering of us a song
Now how shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land”

Now that we have started given Igwe ship to heads that are supposed to be carrying Sand and Concrete at building sites, they have finally buried any progressive in such title.
That also gave the state the impetus to create 2 Igwe for most communities in Anambra, one is Original Crowned Igwe of the Town and another one IGWE Ndi APGA.

Men decided to accept such corruption, thereby creating future UCHU for the Children and generations unborn.

Same way Zonal madness has made most Men whose Business are going down hill to resort to Politics, they can borrow the earth just to get to a position, so they can start earning retirement theft from our patrimony.

Some are Governors, who can’t afford a Cold Pitcher or Beer but the office of His Excellency even though they have never excelled in anything, but the office provide them with a gurranteed sustainability for entire generation and the people whose patrimony were stolen won’t even talk, but angling to have the position zoned to them.

Which if Nigeria truly wants to start curing the anomaly, they should eradicate STATE OF ORIGIN in any Documents and replace same with PLACE OF BIRTH, that will kill the animosity that comes with Ethnical bigotry.

Ndigwe in those days are sacred, when a Governor comes to any town He must visit the Igwe in his PALACE, they call it HOMAGE, but now Ndi Igwe goes to Governors shaking like Banana leaf, shake Governors hand with absolute REVERENCE, when Governor pays homage, he kneel down and the Igwe bless him with blessings of the Land, but now they wait for the Governor in his lodge for hours on end, and at the end of the nigh..

The Governor will give the Igwe, sorry I mean group of Ndigwe some Crisp Notes and they will stuff same in whatever regalia they wore, and that reduced the Igwe to Political Warrant Chief.

Ndigwe shouldn’t be seen at DORA Akunyili center, Political Rally, campaign grounds, especially on any Political event or Government Mumbo Jumbo, they should stay at home and attend to Traditional things…

Same thing with Episcopal Father’s, they shouldn’t be seen at any campaign or Political gathering as Politics and Religion are supposed to be at opposite or each other.
They should be at Canonical fields trying to minister to people the ways to heaven never a route to Government house.

We are crying that we got them wrong, but it started with playing to the gallery the things that would’ve being a pointer to Ritheous living, when Cultural Pathfinders deviated and started having orgy with Political Prostitutes whose tenure is not more than 8 Year in Maximum, while the Tenure of the Igwe is in Perpetuity.

When Episcopal Father’s whose Kingdom need more men, but they abandon the quest of fishing for Men who will populate Heaven and restore to those who will populate Government and other Political Positions, that helped and reduce the Church to a place of Come and see American Wonders, the Financial wounded are now found mostly in churches seeking for healing that comes from Devils pot of wealth, they found some through sacrifices that registers them in the Book of Hell.

I can say with certainty that if Trumpet will sound Today, EPISCOPAL Father’s will be the first to Shoot Angels out of the Sky for making Noise, Infact coming of Jesus will not attract more attention that the coming of a Comedian, it is that Bad..

Men of God has turned to Men of dog, they spit at God and dare him to bring it on, God allowed it because Jesus ransomed us, but one day, Mpa Nnukwu will be so pissed that he will ask who will go again, and if me as his Last Born happened to be stroking his beard that day, I will volunteer and I will start from Altars..

Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East..


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