A Kenyan man is in a bind after his wife, Elizabeth Nalem, dumped him to marry the “holy spirit.”

According to Naturenex News, the strange event occurred in Makutano, a town in West Pokot County. According to reports, Nalem was united with her newly discovered love, ‘the Holy Spirit,’ on Tuesday, May 25, in a ceremony attended by hundreds of guests at the Chelang’a Gardens.

Mr Joshua Nalem has reportedly been married to Nalem for the past twenty years. His wife, on the other hand, he claims, returned home from church one day and began acting strangely.

“My wife went to church one day, and when she got home, she started waking up at 3 a.m. to go and pray,” he explained. I asked her why she was braving the cold just to pray, but she instead decided to relocate to a neighboring homestead.”

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He claimed that he tried several times to stop her, but she was unmoved. Joshua stated that his wife informed him that she will only return home if her “spirit husband” gives her permission.

Pastor Albert Rumaita, who happens to be their neighbor, is said to have paid for Nalem’s wedding and officiated at the strange union.

Rumaita, according to Naturenex News, purchased Nalem’s wedding gown on her own and arranged for a convoy of cars to accompany her on the “big day.”

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When asked why he did it, Rumaita explained, “I made the decision to preside over, plan, and fund the wedding because the world might just be ending and because I’m her neighbor.”

Nalem stated after the strange wedding ceremony that she is done serving the world and has decided to serve God.

“Today, I am among those who have received God’s word. “I have faced difficulties, which prompted me to seek God,” she explained.

“God has shown me signs to travel to the United States when I am done with Uganda,” she added. He invited me to travel the world, but I told him I wouldn’t be able to and asked him to find other members to assist me in spreading the gospel.”

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A distraught Joshua, on the other hand, revealed that he had paid twenty-two (22) cattle and fifteen (15) goats for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage. He claims that their firstborn just finished Form Four the other day.

Mr Joshua stated that he was kept in the dark throughout the entire process when asked if he will continue to live with his “estranged” wife. Despite the fact that he claims to still love Elizabeth, Joshua claims to be at a loss for what to do next.

Elizabeth Nalem, who shocked the country by abandoning her family in West Pokot to marry the Holy Spirit, is now on her way to Uganda for her honeymoon.


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