How to satisfy a lady without taking drugs

How to satisfy a lady without taking drugs


I know you will be surprise from the title of this article, don’t be, but it is the fact. It was tasted by me and it worked, since then, I stopped using drugs or anything before sleeping with a woman to satisfy her.

I was surprise wen I tried this method on my girlfriend and later someone, this someone is the type that doesn’t get tired easily when having sec with her, but I used my almighty method on her, and you know what? She told me that am the best. Since then she fall for me more than anything. Ok, enough of the talking let’s get to the main issue.

Most men or almost 90% when having s3x, don’t last long. But I will mention my almighty method below no beating about the bush: Firstly, try to hold your breath wen having s3x, minimize breathing fast. Secondly, but your d**k in it and start it gently not fast do it for like 10-15 minutes. Don’t try and do it fast oo, and make sure you try to enter every direction in her V, lol. This second method will help you make your d**k strong. Thirdly, When you feel that your manh0od is strong enough, then you apply the rugard method (which is the fast one) make sure you hit her hard oo.

Written by: FrankiePrez


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