I am not an apostle of peace without the truth, If you fight me I fight you – Gov Umahi


David Umahi, Ebonyi State Governor, alleged that the former Secretary of the Government of the Federation (SGF), Anyim Pius Anyim, and Dr Sam Egwu, the senator representing Ebonyi North, were angry with him for defecting before them to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The two stalwarts of the PDP, according to Umahi, wanted to join APC ahead of him because they want to lead me to APC as their boy.”

Umahi made this known during an APC meeting of stakeholders held on Sunday at the Deputy Governor’s Lodge at the Old Government House, Abakaliki.

“I thank God APC members know the kind of man the president is. You cannot give him conditions. I did not negotiate anything with the man. They want to lead me as their boy to APC, na me be the father (I am the father) of the state. That I answer sir, sir does not mean I am not the father of the state. Meekness is not weakness. If you cross the line, I will tell you that I am the father of the state.

“There is nothing like reconciliation because there was no quarrel so, anyone taking any risk should know is a risk to bear if you remove yourself from chopping (benefiting). But let it be known to all men that he that fights me, I will fight the person. I am not an apostle of peace without the truth. I am an apostle if you fight me I fight you. So if you are in APC and you are working for the Abuja group, do not make mistake either in your social media or anywhere to fall in my line because that will be dangerous. They fight me, I fight them. When people are leaving from one party to another nobody makes noise why should it be Ebonyi that people will be condemning their governor. Do you know that they said I don’t know what I went to negotiate for myself with Mr President?

“The truth is that the problem of this state is the backwardness caused by we leaders (sic). We do not tell our followers the truth, I am talking about the APC people that are joining us in terms of what I am about to say. PDP people dey chop (benefit) since but we leaders we chop (benefit) and clean mouth (feign innocence) that is the major problem of this state.

“Let us begin to re-evaluate ourselves and know that we cannot stab people at the back because of politics.

“All that is happening is envy, jealousy and bitterness. Why will the state develop without the authorities? Who made you God over us? Why should every sitting governor be fought? In the fight, the state is the one that suffers but I fight differently and they came very very late. I will fight a good fight I have finished my race whether they like it or not they came very late. What is remaining is just the airport, stadium, the hospital, dualization from Abakaliki to Enugu, Abakaliki to Afikpo and few other roads. They came very late. We cannot be distracted. We are on a mission. We are all politicians,”


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