Igbo having being sitting by the furnace before the advent of Harmattan – POg


Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Good Morning, be rest assured that Ndigbo are sitting by the Furnace before the advent of Harmattan, so no economic Dillapidation shall bruise us because we live in the midst of bruises.

Nigeria as at today are sitting on a Keg of Gun Powder, and what is amusing is that she is smoking a Cigar.. Imagine the implosion if a tiny sparkle shall emit..

Read my Lips, No Gubernatorial Aspirant is a Saint, forget some of the cheap lies like, I don’t want salaries, I don’t want even Security Fund.. Those words are like when the incumbent swore “Anambara HAIRPORT won’t cost us Kobo, Infact we have only 10%equirry” but now we are hearing how our great grand Children will still inherit the burdensome debt heaped because amazuru the money left behind and wanted something to use and pull wool over our eyes, so the biggest Fraud where hidden in plain sight..
So all the Aspirants, sorry not all, some are just clowns but any serious Contender know that Anambara election won’t cost anything less than 3 Billion and no Igbo Man will use such amount welu Chua Nwanyi, so they are planting on our Head and once they succeed, they will recoup within 6 Months, so forget all the promises..

The most important is to get any of them with Conscience, one who fear God, one who will look at the state and have compassion by helping to do certain things that will improve lives.

If you are looking for a Saint in Politics try Heaven, even me in such position, agam aru Oru, ma rukwa Uru, but Uru agaghi Akari Oru (I will work hard and my life will never remain the same after, because the work will work me as well).

Umuaka Yahoo Plus ➕, how far?.. How many Girls have you ruined the Future, how many have you eaten the wombs, how many have you forced with Hallucinatory methods to take owns life because you have emptied her inside just because you want to drive VENZA, FOMATIC, CAMRY and live in a Hotel?.. Listen to me, go and confess to the girl now or that same Car you bought with money gotten from her parts will KILL You, all you have gotten as wealth will become a curse on you… Odiro apu ezigbo Ara, the madness you had momentarily is the one that opened door to your accursed wealth, but the real Madness is coming where you will have no cure.

Umu aghogho… You swear you can’t find any source of livelihood, you concentrate more on exhibiting your Private parts which you have turned to Public Parts and you think you are Runs Girl, don’t worry, soon you will start a good Run as all the abortioned babies will be slapping you at night and you will be running to no End.

If there is no Job, start selling BUNS, MOI MOI, BAKING CAKES and other confects, just have a living.. I know you will say you are a big Girl but eat Shit Dear, the only Big Girl is the one who don’t depend on anybody to earn a living, one who has something that she looked up to at month end as wages from her sweat , that is a big Girl, not one who display her Cleavage as commodity.

Mothers in Festac, Amuwo Odofin, Mosafejo, Trade fair, Alaba and other places.. You have joined all this Ladies Cults and turn your Husband into Jelly, you hid him in a bottle then start living like Akwuna, you Lodge all this Boys Chewing Gun boys who inhale hard drugs, so they can have SEX with you like a dog, and you think you are enjoying life, listen to Last Born… From this weekend any runs you venture into will bring you a disaster, your Children will dessert you, your siblings will disown you, your parents despise you and certainly your Husband will get back the dowry wasted on your head, so ka melu Nmanu bakwue Ikwa iko.

Good Morning Friends.. I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and I come with Obi Ume Ani.


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