Igbo of this generation, destroying the empire for inanities – Mkpisi Ndi Egede

Igbo of this generation, destroying the empire for inanities – Mkpisi Ndi Egede

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Ututu OKUKO Enwe di.. Ekwue ma anughi meru Azi, ma afu na ekwughi melu Okenye (When the day Rise, a Hen get Husband.. When a child pays deaf ear to advise, that’s his own Albatros, but when Adult refuses to admonish a child, thats on the elder).

As some of us have known, I have a Voice with Decibel and that was why my old man forbid me from divining for a Crook as my voice must be heard from the Paths, making them to know that an Ekperima is sitting in to take counsel.

Today, I will speak the way I can without apologies nor should I seek one, I speak as the Pen of the gods and as Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, so getting angry about me is just like trying to piss on a flying Bird, the best you can get is the urine tumbling down on your face.

I come to give you a Gospel many can’t even dare.

UMUIGBO, I come to us because we used to be the cream money recycling powers, we make Mountain off a Mole Hill, we create Oasis in the dessert, we Bake Bread without Pans and it taste better than Bakers finest.

During the days when Alaigbo were know for her exploit in making Sons of absolute Poor Men to become Rich Men of tomorrow, when we simply ask for Blessing and we make Wealth obey us, when Father’s forbid ill gotten money, that was the days when no Father will allow his son to come to his house from his masters house bearing Bread not paid for by his Master.

When Nwa Boys treat as Sacred the Family of the Master, not now Nwa Boy will even mount the Masters Wife na agbaya ka bicycle hire.

Back then, a boy shall be given to a man, the Boy will serve him with all he got and in return the Man will set him free and put him on path of breakthrough, guide him to the Top, on most occasion the Boy has known the business more than the Master, which was what make them a graduate on practical Business administration, because he put in 6-7 years, he graduated with MASTERS and place with a Professor of Business Admin who never went through the practical Marketing, the boy will make him a stark illiterate which the Professor is, in that line of business.

In no distant time, the Nwa Boy will start advancing on the Business he was tutored upon, he will get other boys who will serve him and who he will establish as well and the circle goes on and the splendor spread round Igboland, though that was created by Anambara and others states in the East emulated such out of friendship with Ndi Anambra or they served onye Anambara and goes with his blessings.

Check out those who went through mentorship, thier money is like oasis, it doesn’t rush like fountain and it doesn’t go out like a Faucet with faulty valve, just like we have now on the new trade our boys are into, the Yahoo font.

When fathers will demand to know a child’s sources of wealth, today it is not so, they celebrate a child of 20 who is in school and paying the parents.

Children listen to me, as I am not against you making money with pressing of phones, but that’s what they will tell you as intro, but when you get into it and taste the money, taste the life of living in a Hotel, sleeping with all kind of girls, waooo your friends and make your parents to answer you yes sir.

What I am saying is, that path you are walking led to early grave and destitution old age, because it ends in vanity.

They won’t tell you that your first money may be trifle pennies but luring it must be, then the source will dry like Clay Pot of WATER left out in the Sun during dry season.

That is when they will advise you on who to see to reopen the doors, this time for MEGA money which because of the temptation and the joy of the money you touched without sweat, you will join the movement of Bigger Boy..

Well they may want you to be using your Girl friend without Condom, so you can evacuate all babies in her womb as price for the Riches, sure, you can do that without qualms, after all the Idiotic Girl never knew that the IPhone you bought her is less than 0.002% of what you got off her Tummy, then when you must have emptied her life, the Demon working for you will strangle her after she must have bought Sniper which will make all believe she took her life out of depression, that is not my problem today, because most of them consider those who spend much on them than those who are watching to make them wife.

After you have gone ahead and destroy many girls life and your money is still within buying CAMRY, FORMATIC and may be build one House that is portable but misery enshrined, they will move your Sacrifice up a bit, it will become your Blood Siblings, then after that your Mother or your Father but in all, you can’t enjoy that money for 15 Years and you must have sacrificed more than fair share of the innocent..

Then after 15 years, either you became Church Rat or you are long dead and buried.

Meanwhile your mates who toiled and serve a master, got settled will be growing like Broiler and his money makes him proud, he enjoys every bit of it, while you tries to throw yours around as another sacrifice but not all will be affected, when it gets go hands that are blessed, ighoba ezigbo Ara.

If the penalty for such money is that they ask you to eat Shit, sleep with a Corpse, sorry let me make it clearer, they ask you to have Sex with a death Female meaning you are married to the dead and your Night becomes a mystery, so you sleep more in the day and wake up at night under the pretense that you are rocking life, Nwanne you are living in Bad Bad Bondage.

Have you noticed that most of your colleagues in that Ritual business called Yahoo just to make it appear more acceptable, they don’t grow above 100 Million Naira gross worth? , it is because Devil don’t want them to have enough that will make them to start buying protection, so don’t bother trying to see if you can be the richest in your Town, igaghi anyu anwu, your wealth is bonded and read my Lips, the best time of your life was when you don’t even have much to eat, than when you got into the cultism called Yahoo.

Lastly, the girls you wasted in your quest to be rich will come after you in after life, that you suffered sleepless nights, dream more horrifying dreams even during the day, live a life of hard I know, doesn’t end your woes, wait until you die and you discover that you don’t even have pass mark to be in Hell, as you will be left in space where Jebe ejebe is not an option, going back to earth is illusion.

If you can hear me, just go and find a pastor not any of those MEGA Rich Yahoo Pastors, just the ones who believe that Jesus is Lord, not those who believe that Money is Lord.

They will pray you out if you confess to them and get away from that Void you call life.

I am not telling you about the ordinance of God, I am telling you that you are gone when you join Yahoo and your peace left you the day you ventured, you can’t get another peace till you end self, so better stop, reverse and see if God will have mercy and at some point you can start having a clean money but first thing is you leave that place you walked into Maka na ncha emegogi.

Just a minute with our Girls of this Generation, the cases of Divorce is alarming and I have tried to reconcile it but it is a task one can’t nail.

Your mothers got married with absolute maturity of the mind and with commitment to make family, but most of you went into marriage with all the garbages that will Never make marriage work, so I narrowed it to some of the Artificial Hairs you attached to your own natural hair, which you always hit at interval, maybe because you can’t accept God’s creativity, which was why he gave you Eye Lid and you bought a Fake one to replace God’s version just to piss God off.

He gave you very fine Complexion but you protested when you started using certain makeover that after padding ones face, even the Mother won’t know the daughter if she met her in strange place.

The nails are fake, the Lips Fake, the Breast promoted with accessories making it Fake, the Bottom padded with artifical creations.

Most of you can’t understand what is written on the academic certificate you are carrying because you went through school but the school never noticed you, because you know more off bedmatics than studying.

Infact what most girls bring to relationship is the Sexual part, never progressive plans or grace that helps the family, many can’t work even if you use Glue to get them on Job.

They don’t have the intellect to make anything works that one needs brain and they don’t have it and don’t want it, they want only to be called SEXY never brainy.

The research they know better is Sexual positions and happening guys in town or diabolical means to hold down a man but they never know it doesn’t last forever.

You have more Male Contacts than MTN, some of you have 3 EXPENSIVE PHONES and not even one business are you projecting with it, unless we can count on female anatomy baring as business.

When I see Application letters written by a female Graduate these days, I simply weep because it is obvious that the person who can’t write her own Resume, can’t bring anything to a company, yet she want a Job where she can led the Boss into sexual temptations.

If you are a Boss, next time you want to employ a lady ask her to write application right there before you on a plain sheet, but make sure you have ambulance around because Heart attack may happen.

Our girls, what interest you is to check if your Husband is cheating on you, but read my Lips, this is AFRICA as for now our cuiture in not Facebook, the Male still have the right to marry 20 Wives and the worst you can do is to walk away, so if what you are searching for is to catch him, how about if you do and he inform you that the lady is the second incoming wife, what will you do? Slap him and he turn you to pounded Yam, you move out and the Lady will come inn and take over in full.

You loose your marriage just because you believe all the idioctic lies you read on Facebook from Ladies whose life are ruined and they started calling self Feminist, there is no married Lady that is Feminist, unless she caged the Husband with some diabolical powers.

If your Husband is wayward and he still found you to marry you, the onus is on you to know that you have gotten a responsibility to make him better or die trying..

The reason it is called Manage, sorry we write it as Marriage is because it is an institution nobody have ever graduated from , the courses are so complex that no teacher teaches anyone well, it is self taught course.

Until, we find our ways back to the spirit of our Fore parents where we must know our place in life and values, we may continue straying..

We are aping the White but marriage to them is for convinient sake, they marry in the morning and divorce at night and move on, after all they don’t have family whose names are at stake, but we have families and relations who want the Best and who doesn’t want tales of woes.

Whites have great grand parents who divorced more than 6 times and count down to any generation, it is culture that works for them and which can’t work for us.

Let me go to church first, may come back another day on this topic..

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya.


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