Incoming Doom: “Whatever Nig Soldiers Are Cooking For Us Is Not Edible But Vegetable Soup Without Oil, Our Igbo Leaders Should Wake Up Now ” – Pog Cries Out

Incoming Doom: “Whatever Nig Soldiers Are Cooking For Us Is Not Edible But Vegetable Soup Without Oil, Our Igbo Leaders Should Wake Up Now ” – Pog Cries Out

Ndigbo, muru nu Anya ka Azu..
Suddenly all the check points disappeared from South East, and we think it is a plus to us?..

I can tell us that it simply look like setting a stage for a total anarchy, which when it happens they will say we asked for it.

When the Former IGP declared that IPOB invaded POLICE HEADQUARTERS and Break Prisons where they freed all inmates, without a Gun shot or resistant from the Police, no retaliatory Gun shots against the Invaders, not even one person were felled, I smell a Rat..
Even when IPOB said “We didn’t do it” he was emphatic that they did and that was when Insurgents of the North said they Shot down our Air force plane, which our Security said “They did not”..

The CCT Chairman who seems more of an extremist, after beating a security man at BANEX PLAZA ABUJA, shouted that it was BIAFRANS that attacked him, he was thinking that the security Man must be Igbo, not knowing he is not, so he simply wanted the Government to lunch attack on the Plaza and destroy it because the Ikwurigba named it BIAFRANS edifice… That tells you what even the Elites are cooking against us..

Three days after, there was this Report that a Whole Army Check Point were invaded at Amaoji and Army on Stationed Check point ran away, that was when I knew that whatever the Plot is, involved a repeated of the Genocidal plot of 1967 to 1970, because 2 Soldiers on Patrol can never run away from 40 Hostiles as they were trained to survived under hostility, but in this case, they said Soldiers fled at the sight of Hostiles.. And Hostiles burned down the place with Security Vehicles yet the Soldiers, Nigerian Army kept mute and we think they are powerless?.

Whatever they are cooking for us is not EDIBLE but Vegetable Soup without Oil..just to make us Vegetables..

South East Leaders should wake up, stop sleeping and Brian storm on how to solve the incoming Doom, which I know they have created… It might not be a Uniformed wearing reprisal, but may come staged like a local carnage and with the black reputation established, the World will simply say “Good riddance to Bad rubbish”.

THE DEADLIEST ENEMY IN LIFE IS THAT ONE THAT WALKED AWAY AFTER YOU THROW THE FIRST SLAP..I prefer the one that fought back at least you know his strength and weakness..

Ndigbo, this is not time to pop champagne, it is time to THINK and by God I can tell us that they wanted us death before, now we have given them the simply Solution and they may use Guerilla ways to leave us tartarred and Weeping profusely…

Let’s think and think again.. I am LAST BORN MPA NNUKWU and this is extremely serious.. POg


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