Deji Adeyanju, a Nigerian Human right activist and chairman of civil society organisation, has just made an anouncement that the proposed June 12 protest is still intact and no going back.

While speaking during an interview, on an AIT Television programme named ‘Kakaaki’ he said the only language General Muhammadu Buhari understand is protest and we are giving him.

He also refuted the claim by tue president that the EndSARS protesters was planned by opposition to impeach him.

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Recall that earlier ago, Buhari during an interview with Arise TV said that the EndSARS movement was to remove him from office.

The interviewer asked and he answered that,” This particular question, I had answered it last year during the EndSars movement, recall when young people wanted to remove me?”

Coming out to respond Deji Adeyanju Said, “What we are protesting for is genuine, insecurity, internet shutdown,prices of foodstuff, increment in fuel price and who knows what they are planning next.

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He fiurther said that “What kind of oresident says that people protesting wants to remove him from office, when he has someone like Abubakar Malami around, the worst should be expected from him.

“Are protesters parliamentarians? The right to remove a president lies with the National Assembly, the President should stop his childish reasoning, his real foes are the sycophants he chose in his cabinet, we are not his enemies.

“We are not protesting to mock the him, we protest because that is the only language he(Buhari) understand’s

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Deji said the President should respect fundamental human right, and “ protester” and “ activist” alone June 12 represent struggle for freedom.

“June 12 represent fight for the betterment of the country, it’s not just about the election of MKO Abiola or aftermath struggles that led to the death of his wife (Comrade Kudirat Abiola) and others. June 12 is chosen, so people can relate with the struggle, and revive the spirit.


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