Kankara Abduction: Soyinka discloses why students was kidnapped in Katsina

Kankara Abduction: Soyinka discloses why students was kidnapped in Katsina

Professor Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate, explained why students from Government Science Secondary School in Kankara, Katsina State, were kidnapped during the visit of President Muhammadu Buhari to his home town.

In a statement on Monday, Soyinka said the kidnapping was a slap on the president’s face and a challenge from the criminals who abducted the students.

It is yet another confirmation that the President is not in charge of Nigeria, Soyinka stressed.

Remember that armed gunmen arrived in Daura, his home town for a one-week private visit, hours after President Buhari, stormed high school and kidnapped dozens of students

Soyinka said that the fact that the assault took place in the state of Buhari at a time when the President was present demonstrates that the criminals are sending out a challenge.

The statement read, “It is merely the latest in the serial stinging slaps across the face of the nation, and it draws blood from every sensing citizen. Over five years since Chibok, we have yet to anticipate, and to guard against a repeat. We continue to hand over innocent wards cheaply, en masse, to the agents of darkness and despair.”

Soyinka noted that Nigeria is at war and the government needs to take drastic measures to save the country.

“A government refuses to accept that, as indicated several times over, the nation is at war. At war within itself, and that it requires drastic measures, away from spasmodic responses after the dread deed, if there is any will left over to salvage what is left of nationhood,” he said.

Soyinka further called on the government to rescue the students and overhaul the nation’s security architecture to avoid a repeat soon.

“What is tragically demonstrated daily in all departments of citizen survival is the need to overhaul the nation’s structural existence – beginning, obviously, with the imperative of guaranteeing that very existence,” his statement added.