Kankara Schoolboys: You must return to school and continue – President Buhari

Kankara Schoolboys: You must return to school and continue – President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has appealed to the rescued students of the Katsina State Secondary School of Government Science in Kankara to return to school.

This is what the President said on Friday, December 18, when he met with the 344 students at the Government House Banquet Hall in Katsina State.

Buhari, who disclosed that by going to school he became President of Nigeria, told the students to remain focused, despite the misfortune of abduction, on pursuing their interest in acquiring a good education.

He said; 

“If I wasn’t educated, I will not be standing here today in front of you. I schooled in Katsina for nine years. I moved on to join the army, served as a governor, Head of State, went to prison, came out, and later joined politics.

“I contested presidential elections three times, and finally I was declared a winner in 2015.

“My dear children, don’t be discouraged with what has happened; give your attention to acquiring knowledge and developing good character, and you will be distinguished in life. I know that you have been through a lot.

“The suffering you went through, please put it aside and try to forget the painful experience. There is no substitute for a good education, so you must return to school and continue.”

Buhari also described the unfortunate incident as a test of character and determination to succeed in life, and added that the Federal Government would upgrade the security structure in the country to ensure that everyone is safe.