Kanu Re-arrest: You can’t stop what is coming – Giwa to Buhari

Adewale Giwa, the senior pastor awaiting the Adventist Ministry, once said that President Mohamedu Buhari cannot stop what is coming.

In his comments, Pastor Jiwa warned that Buhari could not scare anyone by arresting Kanu. Someone asked why the Boko Haram terrorists were not arrested, but Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the IPOB of the indigenous people of Biafra, was detained. In a statement sent to the Daily Mail, the clergyman accused Buhari of indulging the Fulani bandits while celebrating the arrest of a separatist.

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According to Pastor Giwa: “Why must you celebrate the arrest of somebody who wants freedom for his people and pampering Fulani bandits and Boko Haram terrorists? This is ridiculous and an injustice.

Let me quickly warn President Muhammadu Buhari to tread cautiously, because the world is watching! Criminal Fulani herdsmen are moving freely while the innocent citizens are being incarcerated.

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You can’t use the arrest of someone to scare the people. Millions of Nigerians are ready to part ways, they are tired of the administration of All Progressives Congress led by president Buhari.

Please, deal with your kinsmen terrorizing the people instead of trying to persecute the innocent. You can’t suppress the voice of the people, impossible.

If you have done well, I don’t see any reason why the majority of Nigerians want to part ways. Do you think you have the power to stop what is coming?

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At what price did you meet a bag of rice? How about cements, Gari, petroleum and other food items? You have made a situation worse for Nigerians.”


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