Killing the top ESN commander, Ikonso was the biggest mistake of the Nigerian military

Killing the top ESN commander, Ikonso was the biggest mistake of the Nigerian military

Ever Since the Eastern Security Network came on board, the Nigerian Government has rejected it in its entirety. ESN was set up by IPOB, a group agitating for the Biafra. It’s reason for setting up ESN was to protect the Southeast against any form of violence crime. However yesterday the Nigerian Military took the battle to the ESN at its headquarters in Oru East in Imo State. During the fierce gun battle, Ikonso who is one of the top commanders of ESN in Imo State was killed. Many Nigerians since then have reacted to it. While some think that the Nigerian Military has done well by taking down one of the strongest men of ESN, others think otherwise.

I share the views of the later and here is why. The killing of Ikonso will further create tension in Imo State especially in Oru East.

The Nigerian Military should have acted on its intelligence and arrested Ikonso instead of killing him. That way, he could be interrogated and he would make more information available to them which will lead them to understanding the exact modus operandi of the ESN.

Many Nigerians will remember what was the outcome when a Boko Haram leader was killed in the past. While I shouldn’t make such comparison, I struggled to do because the Federal Government have already tagged IPOB a terrorist group. To me the Nigerian Military has made a big mistake. The Southeastern Nigeria is currently facing security challenges and events like this will further create tension in Imo State. But in all the Nigerian Military understands what it means to tag a group a terror group. Hence the reason for the offence attacks on ESN. My advice is for the Southeast stakeholders to sit down and discuss the current events in Imo State which can spread to other states in Igboland with view to resolving the issue. One can easily recall that the Omuma residence of Hope Uzodinma was set ablazed by unknown gunmen in same yesterday.

All these are signs that all is not well with Imo State security wise.

I pray for peace in Imo, I pray for peace in Igboland. 


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