Man Beats Doctor Over His Daughter’s Death

An angry father dealt with a doctor over the death of his 15-year-old daughter at the Federal Medical Center in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The girl’s father accused the hospital staff of not giving his daughter proper care, which he thought was the cause of her death.

The hospital’s Public Relations Officer, Segun Orisajo, described how the man used a wooden chair to beat the doctor after learning of the girl’s death.

But Orisjo did not name the girl’s father or the doctor who was beaten.

According to him, the baby suffered severe fever of one month, weight loss of one month, irritability, and loss of head control.

“On complaints by the parents that they were financially challenged, the management waived all the laboratory investigation bills as well as emergency medications.

“However, at about 12 midnight the baby passed on barely four hours after arriving at the Centre. On hearing about the death of his daughter, her father threw caution to the wind and beat to a pulp the Medical staff who attended to his daughter, citing delay in treatment.

“The enraged man hit the doctor on the head several times with a chair before help could come his way.”

Orisajo described how the centre’s director, Professor Adewale Musa Olomu, expressed sympathy to the girl’s parents over her death.

“Something should have told the parents that keeping a baby that was loosing weight with a sustained high temperature at home for a whole month was a dangerous thing to do by any parent.

“No doubt, we tried our best to save the toddler’s life although the situation would have been a different one if she had presented early,” the MD was quoted to have said.

Musa Olomu described the whole treatment to the doctor as the fourth time all their staff have been beaten over such type of incident.

However, he warned that they would not tolerate such incidents, stating that the law would be allowed to take its full course on any one caught assaulting or with the intention to assault any of his staff.



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