Man commits suicide after he was caught having sex with his daughter

Man commits suicide after he was caught having sex with his  daughter



a native of Amaigbo in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State have reportedly committed suicide on Thursday after he was nabbed defiling his daughter

someone who refused disclosing his identity made us to know that the man have been on the neck of his daughter and forcing her to have sex with him and the anonymous revealed the girl’s might be around 17 years

According to information, people around have been watching the man closely and suspected him to be engaging in such act but the man pledge not guilty and denied it.

But the answer didn’t go down well with them and they decided to watch the man more closely low and behold he was caught in the act

The man wanted jumping out of the window but was quickly caught by the raving villagers or youth. He was then taken to appear in the presence of the traditional ruler where he said to have opened up

He was made to appease the gods by performing some rites but he realizing how shameful it was he decided to hang himself in a bush

It was reported he begged his daughter for forgiveness but said he can’t live with this shame

The daughter said her father threaten killing Her if she ever expose him to the outside world she must keep it a secret

She told us that her father has been sleeping with her since she was 16 years; she even threatened to kill her if she reveals their affair to the mother, who is a trader.

Her mother takes her goods to the market every day, she does not know what is going on between them.”


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