Jim Caviezel, an actor, Comedian and Hollywood filmmaker celebrating his 51 years old birthday.
Proclaiming his faith in jesus christ today, narrated how all he went through, the man got struck by a Lightening the pains,suffering and agonies he ent through when making the film.
He said i was warned not to play the role of Jesus, because they thought it may ruin my acting carrer, but I refused, no one or studio was was ready to produce fit me, but Mel Gibson helped and paid $30M for the project.

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He said “I got struck by lightening, lost close to 50 pounds in weight, got pneumonia had a dislocated shoulder, a deep scar on my skin,hanged naked on a cross for hours, severally whipped”.

After the film making Jim Caviezel was so damager and injured, undergone through two heart surgeries.

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But all thank to Lord, he was able to change many people life’s, spread out the gospel, won souls for God.
Though, all his suffering later paid off, when the film was released to market, it became the highest selling Rated movie in the he United State first selling over $370.8M and still increasing.