Man who planned getting married next week dies of gunshot wounds because Ibadan hospital demands police report

Man who planned getting married next week  dies of gunshot wounds  because Ibadan hospital demands police report



Ebenezer Ayeni who is a music producer have had his life cut shot from injuries sustained from gunshots because hospital refused attending to him because of police report in Ibadan, Oyo state.

Information reaching us what that Ayeni who Planned to marry next week was shot by armed robbers who stormed his residence before day break on Thursday.

according to information gathered from his friend, Ayeni was quickly taken to the University College Hospital, Ibadan, not just that hospital alone but as well another private hospital both hospital refused to attend to him and asked him to provide a police report later Ayeni gave up the ghost

As usual so many people have taken to social media to mourn the deceased and air out their opinion and condemned the whole system that requires police report to treat a gunshot victim

Mc ShayorComedian, a facebook user and a friend to Ayeni said “Ebenezer Ayeni was shot in his residence during the night and he was rushed to UCH but he wasn’t attended to because of police report. He was also rushed to J-Rapha hospital in Ibadan and they also refused to attend to him because of police report.

“He gave up the ghost after struggling with life more than two hours. We were planning your wedding next week and not your burial. Rest in perfect peace brother!”

Adegbite Adedamola too shared her emotions she wrote: Ebenezer Ayeni, Rest in Peace brother. Next week Saturday should have been your wedding but who are we to question God? You battled for your life for more than two hours, and UCH was asking for police report without attending to you.”

“So much to write about you: Ebenezer Ayeni. We still spoke not long and only for me to hear the news of your transition. You planned to visit me on Sunday to tidy (a) few things…What a nation we have found ourselves (in). He could have survived. Imagine, how can a police report carry so much weight than life?” Cylars Omoloye .

David Justice “I love you forever brother. Rest on. Two hospitals rejected you because they needed police report instead of saving your life first. It is well. What a loss,”

Also grieving Moninkanola Ogidan also wrote “In Nigeria, we blame the government for everything. The nurse or doctor on duty is a human being who has blood running in his or her veins. Whatever the arguments are – government isn’t treating them well or they don’t have enough equipment – how about cases of simple timely care and a little bit of human sympathy? Rest in Peace Eben,”


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