An elderly woman finds life difficult due to a rare pregnancy condition. The 72-year-old grandmother has been “pregnant” for the last 30 years of her life.

In a video by Afrimax, the aged woman could be seen with a protruding stomach as she recounted her situation.

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According to the lady, she got pregnant 6 months after the loss of her husband. The medical examination confirmed that she was pregnant with a boy.

Problem set in when she checked in at the hospital 6 months later only to be told that what was in her womb has taken another form and is no longer a boy.

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Medical doctors told the woman – who mysteriously lost all her kids – that the only way to get the thing in her stomach out was by an operation that has a 50/50 survival rate

The woman has since resigned to fate hoping to one day be consumed by whatever is in her tummy.

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On how she survives, the distraught woman said kind-hearted neighbours provide her meals. Her grandchildren also look after her.


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