“Mom stabs her baby 90 times because she bit her while breastfeeding”


This incident happened in India and has been trending worldwide. Women are always perceived as the caregiver and the nurturers. It is a known fact that most women would do almost anything for their children even to a point of sacrificing their lives just to keep their babies safe. Well, this woman in question did absolutely the opposite of what the society deem woman to be.

She stabbed her baby girl on the face 90 times because she bite her while breastfeeding. There are many speculations as to why this may have happened but the mother of the child has not yet responded. It is very hard to pinpoint if she was trying to kill her baby girl or just hurting it. One of the speculations is Postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is such a serious issue that happen to women having giving birth when they don’t feel any connection towards their children. Here are some of the comments from Twitter.


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