My Husband Prayed For Three Hours, Didn’t Show Any Sign Of Illness Before Dying – TB Joshua’s Wife

My Husband Prayed For Three Hours, Didn’t Show Any Sign Of Illness Before Dying – TB Joshua’s Wife


Shock, disbelief, and anguish were the order of the day among lovers and believers of the Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua-led Synagogue Church Of All Nations when the news of his demise filtered into town.
It was revealed that a mammoth crowd had besieged the church on all sides.

Some find it difficult to believe that the almighty T.B. Joshua is dead while others believe he is only resting but will soon wake up. Thus, the whole place was barricaded to avoid a stampede. There was an atmosphere of faith as most of the disciples were boldly declaring the goodness of God and the impact of TB Joshua’s last ministration on their lives.

A Particular couple who were among the foreigners at the mountain when TB Joshua preached his last message shared an intriguing encounter.
“Shortly before Prophet TB Joshua came out to minister, they asked us to pray and while I closed my eyes I saw people running helter-skelter. I was scared and quickly opened my eyes. I resumed prayers and the same thing occurred. So, I opened my eyes until TB Joshua came out to minister. Immediately, he began to minister, I saw an angelic being descending. I was worried and I told my wife immediately. Afterward, three angelic beings also descended in quick succession and I knew something was about to happen. Then my wife shouted that she also saw white smoke enveloping the place, immediately the man of God dropped the microphone and left the altar. That was a sign to me that he must have gotten the signal that it was time to go.

According to Mrs. Evelyn Temitope Joshua, “he ended the race prayerfully”. She revealed that he spent about three hours in prayers before the last service on the mountain and was looking very healthy. She said he never showed any sign of illness or worry and that his main concern was about the prayer line they offered to Indians against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Afterward, he came up to shower and she left him to have some time to prepare for service as worship had started. Few Minutes later, he stepped out for ministrations. While MInistering, He spoke about a time to come and time to leave. According to her, his statements were spiritual and suddenly, he left the stage and went to his inner chambers. She waited a few minutes and thereafter decided to check on him. And she met him sitting on the chair like someone reflecting but unconscious. She quickly beckoned on his disciples who came and tried to revive him to no avail. Of a truth, he went home to be with the Lord and left us with a message, watch and pray.

Meanwhile, earlier today, the wife of the popular cleric, on Sunday, took to her official Twitter handle, @Mama_Evelyn, to express deep emotions over the loss of her husband.
TB Joshua’s wife wrote, “Losing a loved one is never easy; whether sudden or foreseen. It is always heart-breaking. Grief can wreak havoc on our overall well-being. That’s why it’s important to stay rooted to the Almighty. Only He can lessen our heartache and comfort us in these times. Seek refuge in him.

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