Multiple award winning Actress Patience Ozokwo also known as Mama G, has tendered an open apology for playing wicked roles.

Mama G is well known for playing the role of a wicked mother in-law and using diabolical means to destroy the life of immediate relations and even village people in movies.

This roles has made a lot of person’s to view her in a bad light. Some tend to feel she is portraying her real self in movies.

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Realizing how her movie character has traumatized a lot of person’s, the veteran actress shared a post on Instagram asking fans, the movie that traumatized them as a child.

She posted, “The movie that traumatized me most as a child was….?”

Alot of her fans commented on her post with their experience’s .

An Instagram user commented; “I really hated you a lot when I was young because of the way you were acting, and I didn’t know that you were just acting. I thought that it was real, that it is the way you treat people. But the endings were so good for you because they ended when you got mad or have accidents.

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“But mama, that was then. Now, I am a big girl and I know what you were trying to teach us that whatever you sow, you will reap, and I love you so much and wish to meet you one day.”

In her response to the feedbacks, Patience Ozokwo, tendered an apology to all whom her roles has affected in one way or the other.

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She wrote; “My people is it time to apologize . I am sorry in fact I am totally flabbergasted  HaveAGreatDay #MamaGLovers”

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