NCDC sends strong warning to #EndSARS protesters

NCDC sends strong warning to #EndSARS protesters

The Director-General of NCDC, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu warned every protesters against police brutality in Nigeria to be mindful of contracting the world deadly disease, Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Recall that #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality demonstrators have taken over streets across the country since last week.

Chikwe was on Thursday made this statement during a media briefing in Abuja at the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

In his words;

“The number of new cases we will have will be determined by our own behaviour and the circumstances that we find ourselves,” Ihekweazu said.

“So, right now we’re reopening schools; schools by definition means you are going to have more people in confined spaces.

“We have published guidelines together with the Federal Ministry of Education to mitigate those risks. How effectively they are implemented will mean if there’ll be more transmission or less.null

“You can see some of the demonstrations happening across the country. The virus does not know whether you’re young or old, policeman or a demonstrator; it uses the opportunity to jump from person to person.

“So, we’ll continue to advise everyone, wherever you’re, to continue to wear a mask, you can still have your voice heard if you are wearing a mask.

“Whatever the circumstances, whether you’re managing school or NYSC camps or outside, the important thing is to continue to carry out these public health measures,” he said.


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