Niger State Governor risks 6 months jail time after violating CBN law

Niger State Governor risks  6 months jail time after violating CBN law

The governor of Niger State Sanni Bello faces the risk of six months in jail after a video that violated the laws of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) surfaced online. In the video, Bello can be seen dancing with some people at a party, while guests spray Naira at him; the governor and others are stepping on notes while dancing.

The constitution frowns against persons abusing the country’s legal tender, naira, by spraying, dancing or matching on the naira issued by the apex bank during social occasions.

Article 21 of the 2007 CBN Act stipulates that the above behavior constitutes an abuse of currency. Other behaviors considered to be deliberately lowering the naira include destruction, tearing, squeezing, felling, binding, etching, and writing in the country’s currency.

The governor is the latest public figure to be caught defacing the naira. Chief of Staff to Abia State Governor, Anthony Agbazuere, and clergyman, Chukwuemeka Odumeje, had also been taped in the same situation five months ago, but the CBN didn’t take any action against them.

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