Nigeria Has Only 3 Options To Survive – Mailafia

Nigeria Has Only 3 Options To Survive – Mailafia

Obadiah Mailafia, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has stated that Nigeria has just three options if it wants to remain a viable state in light of the current circumstances.

President Muhammadu Buhari has also been advised by Mailafiya against attempting to force dissatisfied communities to remain in Nigeria.

In an interview with THE WHISTLER, Mailafia accepted ethnic nations’ rights to request a country, but added that a system must be in place that allows people to choose whether to stay in the country or leave.

“We need to work towards a referendum so that people can elect to go their own way or remain part of Nigeria. Another option is that communities that want to group together to form a new country should be free to do so.”

Mailafia’s comments follow repeated calls from groups in the Southeast and Southwest for the formation of new republics.

The former CBN deputy governor, while condemning the APC-led administration for mismanaging the country, remembered Western claims that Nigeria is a failed state and said Nigeria had only three alternatives for remedies.

According to him, “if Nigeria is a failed state, there are only 3 options left: the leaders can come together and try to salvage our country; second, the international community can rally support for rebuilding the state and salvaging our country from the jaws of catastrophe; and thirdly, we just have to honestly agree that the company is insolvent and must go under receivership.

Unfortunately, with the crop of people I see in power today, I have no reason to feel any comfort. They are a wicked brood of vipers. They have ruined our country and they are insisting on using force to keep the ramshackle edifice together – and on their own terms!”

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Lamenting over the spate of insecurity, Mailafia condemned the silence of the international community on the situation in the country, as he noted that “about 100,000 people have been killed in our country, together with 3 million turned internally displaced refugees.

And yet there is no expression of compassion from the world community of nations. I suspect that they want millions to die so that they can sell their weapons… Ultimately, Nigerians will have to decide whether they want to live together for the foreseeable future.”


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