Nigerian market woman protecting herself and goods with Ak-47

Amid increasing insecurity and attacks by bandits and murderous herdsmen, a woman appears to have taken active steps to protect herself and her property. A social media user shared a photo of a woman brandishing an AK47 rifle on Instagram. She said she used it to protect herself and her belongings. According to the Instagram user, the woman was loading her cargo onto a trailer on the Kaduna Abuja road, preparing to transport it to market.

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Reacting, Nigerians said she is right to equip herself for the purpose of self-defense.

leadem4ever wrote; No be only bandits sabi carry gun..

mr_blark_graphics; Ungun known women

thatblackbwoy; What’s going on here?

jumi_____lilly; No go lose guard 

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vibeet247; Guided 

betterdaysahead01; Always on guard

emraanology; Self defense

dawn_01234567; If u move u collet

s.vbellaman231; Watch and shadow


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