Many Nigerians on social media were startled by Bishop Oyedepo’s reaction to the lamentations of the church’s fired pastors. Oyedepo is the head and founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, better known as Winner’s Chapel.

Remember how a pastor who was fired from the church went to the facebook to expose the cause of his dismissal? According to reports, the pastor and others were earning lower-than-expected money and needed to be fired by the church’s management.

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In a church service, Bishop Oyedepo addressed the issue, explaining that the pastors were removed from their positions as pastors of Winners

Chapel because they were apparent failures and pointless. According to him, the pastors who were fired deserved to be fired since they couldn’t generate enough for the branches they were in charge of.

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Nigerians offered their different views over pastor oyedepo’s reaction in the comments area. Many individuals were taken aback by the clergyman’s remarks, while others were outraged. Others attacked the bishop, calling him selfish and his comments garbage, and asking whether the scriptures instructed him to create revenue for the temple of the LORD or gain souls.

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