Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has disclosed why he rejected the Federal Government’s supposed offer of a Biafra Republic made up of only five core Igbo-speaking states in the South East.

“When I was at Kuje prison the federal government offered to give me Biafra provided I leave other tribes outside the five South East states but I told them I must go with the other oppressed nationalities because I don’t want them to continue suffering subjugation”.

He regretted, however, the statements made by some members of the minority tribes, who he claimed were under the impression that the Igbo intended to control them in the new country.

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Kanu slammed the Ikwere people of Rivers State for allegedly demanding that the five South East Igbo states leave them out of the Biafra project.

He warned them, as well as non-Igbo tribes in the Niger Delta, about the dangers of leaving the Biafra Republic.

He claimed that any minority tribe that refused to join the Republic of Biafra would suffer the same fate as the Hausas, who have now lost their identity and freedom to the Fulani.

Kanu bemoaned the fact that the majority of the minority tribes had yet to learn from the Hausa’s error.

He asserted that, contrary to popular belief, the war for Biafra republic was not about the Igbo subjugating or dominating the minority tribes, but about liberating them from slavery.

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Kanu compared the way Jews were hated for no good reason to how “Ndigbo are being hated for no good reason.”

Biafra lost the civil war, according to the IPOB leader, because of a global plot purportedly backed by the British.

“During the war Britain and Russia put aside their differences and united to support Nigeria against Biafra”.

Kanu asserted that white people were opposed to Biafra’s battle for independence because they were afraid that an independent Biafra would become Africa’s technology powerhouse, bringing civilisation to the black race.

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He remembered a meeting with the late Justice P. K Nwokedi, a former assistant to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, who told him that Bulgaria refused to back Biafra during the civil war “because they were afraid of our scientific ingenuity.”

“Justice Nwokedi told me in London that when Ojukwu sent him to Bulgaria to seek her support during the war, after narrating the ordeals of our people to the Bulgarian Government officials, they sympathised with him but simply told him that the world cannot afford another Japan in Africa.”

He said that the jealousy and global conspiracy against Biafra were because of her ingenuity which he said was a divine gift.


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