Nnamdi Kanu Reveals The Alleged Killer Of Ahmed Gulak

Nnamdi Kanu Reveals The Alleged Killer Of Ahmed Gulak

The leader of the indigenous peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu accused President Mohamedu Buhari’s national security adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno, of planning the assassination of Ahmed Gurak.

On Sunday, Goodluck Jonathan’s former political adviser, Ahmed Gulak, was on his way to Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport in Imo. State Owerri (Owerri) was killed. After he was assassinated, a group from the north threatened that if no one was found responsible for Gurak’s murder, they would carry out retaliatory attacks.

The Nigerian police claimed to be an illegal IPOB murder while claiming to have killed the murderer. However, the organization, through its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, firmly denied that it had assassinated the top APC leader.

In order to figure out the names of him and his group, Nnamdi Kanu released a tape on Monday. It is believed that this is the voice of the murdered Gulak. He said that Mang should be arrested and prosecuted. Gono, because he poses a threat to Nigeria’s security. The former aide to the president asked President Buhari to remove the National Security Agency, then arrest and prosecute him for alleged corruption.

The audio tape says, “Awusu Billahi Mina Saitani Rajim. I want to say what I have been saying over time. Mr President, remove, arrest and prosecute Maj. Gen. Aliyu Mungono, the National Security Adviser

“Mr President, remove, arrest and prosecute Major General Aliyu Mungono, National Security Adviser. He’s corrupt, he’s clueless, he doesn’t have the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart. And that Mungono is a hypocrite.

“If he thinks he has available power within him, let him arrest me. He’s corrupt, he’s a thief, and he’s a problem to the security of this country. You people are afraid. I’m not afraid. Mungono is only busy stealing the money,” the audio tape revealed.

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Reacting to the audio, Kanu said, “His killer that they want to pin on Nnamdi Kanu. I pray seven times every day, this God I worship that if you cannot protect me, then what am I doing. What is he doing as God?

“They got the date wrong. If they had killed him today (Monday), they would have blamed it on me. But they got the date wrong. And they never knew that this video would come out. This is the reason why you must work very hard to ensure the disintegration of Nigeria.

Nigeria is an evil enclave. Listen. Let’s listen to the man that they killed and wanted to blame it on Nnamdi and IPOB. Let’s listen to him.

“This is Ahmed Gulak, asking their so-called president to do something. To do what, what are you asking the President to do? The man they killed in Owerri, blaming Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. The man that they themselves killed. That’s the name of the man that killed him,” the IPOB leader said,


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