No Christian tried in sharia for over 2O years-MURIC

No Christian tried in sharia for over 2O years-MURIC



The Muslim right concern (MURIC) has claimed that all courts except for sharia are Christian courts.

The MURIC said this to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). This was in reaction to CAN’s proposal of forming Ecclesiastical courts for Christians. This is equivalent of the sharia law for Muslims.

The Bauchi chapter of the CAN had earlier called for the creation of the Ecclesiastical court. Reacting to this, MURIC said it had no disagreement with CAN’s proposal. The Muslim right concern also added that Muslims are not be involved in this courts. Speaking via a statement, the MURIC said:

MURIC statement

“We will not play the same game of sitting on Allah-given fundamental human rights of others the same way that Nigerian Christians have been encroaching on the rights of Muslims. Christians are free to demand for their own courts so long as Muslims are not to be dragged to such courts.

“We know Christians already have Christian law in the country. We could have opposed their new demand but we do not have to be petty. Let them have as many Christian courts as they wish. The Bauchi chapter of CAN cannot tell us that there are no Magistrate courts, High Courts and a Court of Appeal in the whole of Bauchi? Now, what are those courts? Are they not Christian courts?

“But we want Nigerians to know that Christians already have Christian law in the country. This is because the common law which we have been using since colonial days to date is Christian law. Our contention that common law is Christian law is based on vehement declarations of British judges on the subject.

“There is no doubt, therefore, that the Christians already have Christian law which was the same law that the Christian colonial masters brought to Nigeria and forced on all of us (including Muslims).

“How beautiful would Nigeria have been if Nigerian Christians, particularly CAN, had been equally objective when reacting to demands forwarded by Muslims? But instead of being constructive, CAN always rejects any idea moved by Muslims even when it does not affect Christians in any way.

“As we speak, Christians have opposed the demand of Muslims in the South West for Shariah. Even though they know quite well that the Muslims are only asking for civil Shariah, not the criminal Shariah which they fear involves amputation.

“Let it be on record that although Christians have always opposed Yoruba Muslims who have been agitating for civil Shariah. Nigerian Muslims raised no objection when Bauchi Christians asked for Christian canon law.

“The Muslims demanded Shariah, CAN screamed blue murder. To date, no single Christian has been taken to Shariah court. Even after two decades of the reintroduction of Shariah in Northern Nigeria.


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