Seeing how rich and popular Obi Cubana is, one would think that the multi-billionaire would be full of himself and have everyone kiss his feet and probably bow to him. But this is not the case and, in light of this, the famous entertainer has come out to speak about how he refers to his friends.

Obi Cubana, is a Nigerian successful entertainer, businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, and the chairman of the famous and well-known Cubana group. The 46-year old billionaire has decided to give us a peak into his life and his relationship with his friend, as a lot of people might try to get it all wrong and he is here to address it.

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In a speech he gave earlier this week, the multi-billionaire addressed the fact that he is never in the habit of referring to his male friends as his boys. Though most people might not see anything wrong with him, they see that he was the backbone and the person who helped most of them to become as successful as they are now. 

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Obi still made it known to the world that he is all about seeing people win, and as his men are millionaires and billionaires, whether he fostered it or not, he sees them as his equals, and that is why he prefers to refer to them as his men and not his boys, because everyone is equally before the Almighty.

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I must confess that, in a way, Obi Cuban’s mom, Burial, has made Obi more socially active and outspoken, because before now, it was almost impossible to hear Obi say a thing or come out on social media.

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