Delta governor Ifeanyi Okowa harshly come after those that criticized the southern governors for banning grazing and calling for a national dialogue to reorganize Nigeria. Governor Okowa expressed surprise that some of the people presidency still advocate keeping livestock grazing outdoors.

The governor acknowledged that the process might not be a one-day affair but warned that Nigeria’s growing food insecurity may soon spiral to a tipping point on account of the threat posed by the open grazing of cattle.

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Governor Okowa was reported saying:

“We owe no apologies because we spoke the truth and we thought that the truth we spoke was in the best interest of this nation. 

“Can we truly at this moment be promoting open grazing? Thank God that the president was misrepresented, because I have seen news headlines that the president is not opposed to the ban on open grazing.

“We need to begin to look into what is best for us. Where we were 50 years ago should not be where we should be today and tomorrow.”

Okowa also called for wholesale adoption of ranching given that, apart from safety issues, it is more beneficial for both cattle owners and herders.

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Governor Okowa stated on Saturday, May 15 that the resolution reached at the recent Southern Governors Forum meeting in Asaba was for the benefit of the country.


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