Nigeria is a great country filled with different tribes and different tongues that came together to form one beautiful nation. Even though we came together not by our own free will but for the fact that we have co-existed for centuries and we’ve all got along fine irrespective of the ethnic conflict that have tried to divide us now and then.

I still believe we can still be one regardless of all the rancor going on in the country

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When you look at the country today, almost all the major ethnic groups wants out of Nigeria; the Biafrans are agitating and so are the Oduduwa Republic but many of us forget that the consequences of trying to break out of Nigeria are really very austere. The country is yet to recover from the emotional trauma of the Nigerian civil war and here we are again towing that same path that destroyed us emotionally, psychologically, economically and otherwise

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Many are really agitating for the country to be divided forgetting that many of us will lose out big time when this happens. If Nigeria gets divided,

1. Many will lose out on the Nigerian market. Nigeria market favours some of us that are traders especially hausas, yorubas and igbos

2. Every tribe/ geopolitical zone needs foodstuffs/ oil/ resources/ workforce/ business contracts,etc from one another and the easy flow of goods and services from one point to the other will not be as easy as it is now.

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3. Many will always want to avoid the cumbersome protocols/ stress of travelling just from Aba to Lagos or Abuja with visa and international passport. 

4. There will be another bloodshed. In order not to allow this to happen, we must avoid another massacre in d name of civil war: do u think we would just shake hands, break up and say “bye bye see u later”?