Adewale Giwa, the pastor, of a church named the Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has just made a statement that at Muhammed Buhari relative or son can not become President of Nigeria following his father behavior in office.

He further said that the leadership administration of Buhari has brought nothing but, hardship upon Nigerians, and none of his relatives can ever dream of becoming the President in Nigeria again.

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He came into power through rigging and illegal means and as long as Buhari is still the president, Nigeria will not experience peace and this is the reasons we are facing, destruction, disharmony and incessant killings in this day period.

Muhammadu Buhari ascended with different political lies, deceit, thinking he could play with the people and God.

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Remember Abimelech in the Bible, the son of Gideon,he ascended the throne by deceit means, force and killed all his three brothers.
He commanded by force and was also murdered three years into his tenure, when his opposition conspired against him by the people and subject.