PDP certainly is plotting to fail, worse than before – Mkpisi


Written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

Apia Aku, otua na ogwe, obudi Ogwe ka apiru Aku? (When one keep shooting the Armour Shield with his Arrows, the burdensome question is, was the Arrow crafted for the Shield?).

PDP are shifting her waist the same way she always keep it whenever she wants to have a Political Stillbirth.

Infact, somebody should tell them, oburu na fa achoro izo this election, they should simply clear from the Road and stop allowing Men and women to waste hard earned money un-necessarily..

Imagine after selling Tickets to over 16 persons even those who cannot afford to run for Local Government Chairman, they call them all to ABUJA for screwing, sorry I mean screening, they screw them and announce them all perfect..

Don’t forget that this people are running for an election as under dog, yes you heard me, they are running against a Sitting party known for spending state patrimony to erect not elect a mistake in place of leadership as long as the person is from the North, they get so confused that they even Vote for a Northener in Presidential election even when a Man from Anambara was on the ballot and rate higher than any other candidate, they have a one straight political View, it is either the North or from the North, but let’s move on.

A party that Landed 2 Planes on an HAIRPORT that won’t be ready in the next 5 years, but to launch a Campaign formation, they diverted a Plane that dropped passengers at ASABA to come and do Aba ntughari at the HAIRPORT, which they did and some village truants decked on certain Uniform ran into the Runway to kiss the Plane, touch the tyres, pose for pictures before the planes headed back to ASABA(2 minutes journey) for passengers that are going back to Lagos and Abuja, then a Man whose Political interest are guarded jealously waiting for it to be spring as surprise on his party, thereby tinye many people on Ogba aghara, but ka Ana ejegodi..He rose up and made a Political speech than that of a Business minded Son of the Soil Maka ocholu ibu Joker aga eji zo election.

PDP let me simply gwa Unu Eziokwu, your shame is shaming me.. Come with me let’s discuss without interruption of any kind.

National fleeced Aspirants , then some were bought Electoral Forms for, so they can be eligible to stay as spy inside PDP, some are working for NKUKASI Department representing interest of Ndi Osochiegbu whose interest is ije Court after election or before election because Court have said that once you are not a candidate to an election you have no mandate to join any legal play out of the Party, so ebido on time laying Political land mines and the Party gbaa Nkiti, same say the party also kept deaf ears when many of the party major players worked for APGA last election as insiders..

They sabotaged the Guber outing of PDP last election without face mask or any covering, and not even one Hell does the party raised for such act and horrible actions, unu Sim na it won’t come worst this time around?.

Okay, now you have turned Aspirants into Cash cow, just for the heck… After paying 21 Million Naira to National, they paid 5 Million to the state, then suo Ofia the screening and now Zones demands 2 Million from Each Aspirants and when they complained, the Zone sarcastically responded “Onye achoghi ikwu pua ka amalu na onaghi azo election” (Those who won’t pay should gerraout, so they should know they are not contesting).. This are same people who should enjoy the support of the party?. Certainly they are not working for the party to win, they are working to eat the Aspirants as Suya, meaning during the election, any party that pay them more they will shift royalty without blinking the eyelids.

You want allegiance and commitment of this people and you are skinning them alive?.

Honestly, if I am an Aspirant and by Miracle, I won this election, I will so screw you guys that you will wonder if truly I am a member of the Party, please try and be humane to the Aspirants, they may give more than the required but allow it to be from the Heart and not as extortion, after all none of you made them to give SIENNA or other items they have doled out.

I also heard that the massive passing of all the Aspirants from screening is to have Harmony in house, which is right plan, but this Dry Screwing is it also part of the gradual understanding?.

When did Zones started screwing Aspirants ?.. If State and National fail to stop this screwing, then it will get to Local Government, and Wards may bring out Lubricants waiting to screw them as well as in duru Kam duru.

What should be troubling the Party is the fact that some of the cleared Aspirants have never gone even to thier own WARD to see the people and inform them na fa na azo Ochichi, some don’t have Posters, some have never gone to any Place in the State to celebrate or condole with Beraved which is Political Mgbalu, it’s only during that period that one can see Politicians with Human face, they say Ndo nu but just to let people see them and have compassion for them politically.

Infact more than 7 of this Aspirants adighi azo election, you can quote me any where.

Moving on.. just tell Zones to scrap this Idiotic Levy of 2 Million, then let all Aspirants go to the state and reach out to Grassroots, that way we will know how many of them that can last one week with all the wolves in Politics that will make sure they empty Aspirants Bank account within the week.

PDP, you have to change your game plans as the one I see is like the old format Unu ji ada election, don’t forget that some of the Aspirants are coming to screw PDP again, the only difference is that it was the Big shots of the party that has been screwing the Party, but this time it will be Aspirants, draw line on Tiles and make sure you let them know that you will screw back anybody who try another treachery with a harder screw up..

Before I rest, somebody should tell APGA not to allow Self to drag ANOTHER Aeroplane Man into the race,, PDP have made that error and it will be a bad mistake, let APGA no try am , I said this because Abum ezigbo Nwa afo and I have my Ears to the ground which makes me to hear Ugheli Danda.

Good Evening this Afternoon to PDP and DELEGATES, both Ward, local Government and State delegates, if you sale out again, unu adakwa election again, nodu Kwa idle for another 8 years, just because you guys Voted for Money and not Character that is able.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na ONWU agaghi egbu nwu ya and I come with AXE.


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