“People miss out divine provision for lack of faith in God” – Area Pastor

“People miss out divine provision for lack of faith in God” – Area Pastor

A call has gone to all Christians all over the world to give God sacrificially having it in mind that faith without action is vain

The Area Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Peculiar Peoples Parish, Ogun Province 16, Pastor Abiodun Kajola made this call today while encouraging Christians to give to God so that they can live in the fullness of God’s blessing and glory.

Speaking on the topic ‘Christians Sacrificial Giving And their Faith’ from the book of Second Kings, the clergyman said many people miss out divine provision for lack of faith in God.

The Zarephath woman honoured Elijah when Elijah requested for food despite the fact that the last portion was meant for her and her child, she complied without complaint.

Enumerating one of the benefits of Sacrificial giving, the Area Pastor said that it gives warranty, which means such Christians are covered, insured against poverty, failure, unpleasant challenges, sickness and disease.

He further stated that the idea behind sacrificial giving is the best of our faith, citing a story of a Pastor who was confronted with the challenge of paying his children school, who later managed to get #30, 000 and God instructed him to use the money to solve the immediate problem of a cab driver that took him in his car, after many thoughts, he yielded, and he was blessed by God for his total obedience.

Pastor Kajola emphasized that doubt is responsible for not enjoying God’s divine provision, therefore, he challenged Christians to trust God wholeheartedly in-order to be partakers of the blessing.

In addition, the Pastor admonish all Redeemed Christian Church of God members all over the world to contribute towards the expansion of God’s work and give to God sacrificially without measure.

In Conclusion, he enjoined members to emulate the Pastor in charge of Province Pastor John Ayodele who will not hesitate to give his all to God.


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