Police Shout In Fear After Driver Reveals He Want To Kidnap Him

In a video circulating online , a police officer has been seen in a video screaming for his life after he entered the car of a man who tried to teach him a lesson. The driver said he did nothing wrong but the police officer apparently decided to use force to gain entrance into his car and he also wanted to teach the police a lesson.

He said he was displeased with the officer’s action and he decided to teach him a lesson by drifting furiously. He said he was taking the officer away and policeman asked if it was a kidnap attempt, to which the driver answered in the affirmative.

The policeman was seen calling on the name of “JESUS” after he saw his life flash before his eyes and he got scared.
After some seconds of drifting, the driver finally stopped and told him to get down from the car with immediate effect.

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