Popular Nigeria rapper, Emeke Akumefule (A.K.A blackbonez) has shared his story about police brutality. The rapper revealed how he suffered from police brutality.

Blackbonez disclosed this via his Twitter account, stating that this is happening after the protests against police brutality few months ago.

He also expressed his frustration and his loss of faith in the country. Blackbonez said he was pulled over in the rain and his brother, who was with, was slapped by a police officer. The rapper also admitted that he no longer believes in Nigeria. He also said what Nigerians fought for was showing no sign of improvement.

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Via his Twitter page, the rapper wrote;

“Police still harassed me inside rain yesterday, pull me out my car, slapped my bro. What we fought against just 7 months ago? no single sign this country is going anywhere. I’m no activist, I’m just a tired Nigerian without any faith in this country,”

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Police brutality is a problem in the Nigerian society. This led to a protest in October 2020 which saw lots of Nigerian youth lose their lives. Blackbonez’s story shows that police brutality in Nigeria is not getting better.


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