Popular Nigeria Pastor Reveal Power That lift Or Bring People down

Popular Nigeria Pastor Reveal Power That lift Or Bring People down

The Provincial Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ogun Province 16, Pastor John Olusola Adeoye Ayodele has described the Almighty God as the only one that has absolute power to lift and bring down people.

He made this known yesterday at a two-day Provincial Holy Ghost programme held at the Peculiar Peoples Parish, Ogun 16 Provincial Headquarters at No 24/26 Abiodun Adeyi street, GRA, Ibara Housing Estate, Olokemeji, Abeokuta.

Pastor Ayodele who started the programme with prophetic utterances enjoined all Christians to put their trust in God alone as He alone possesses the lifting power.

The 2-day programme which is tagged ‘Divine Lifting’ took his first reading from the book of First Samuel Chapter 2 verse 6-9, explained that there is nothing that God cannot do, the power to make alive, the power to lift and to make rich belong to God.

Also narrating the story of David, the Provincial Pastor said that Prophet Samuel and Jesse who was David’s father cannot imagine that David who was the least of the eight sons of Jesse would be the anointed king of Israel.

While buttressing his point using the book of Luke 1 verse 37, Pastor Ayodele posited that there is nothing impossible for God and that no human situations are too hard for God to solve.

He further described God as the God of all flesh who intervened to lift the widow of the son of the prophet and used the Ark of God that killed Uzzah to bless Obed Edom.

While rounding off the sermon, Pastor John Ayodele admonished the members to be steadfast and expect God’s lifting arm in due time.

The programme was well attended by members from various Area churches under Ogun Province 16.

The programme will come to an end today by 5:00pm at the Peculiar Peoples Parish, Ogun 16 Provincial Headquarters.


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