A prayer warrior, Molly Imbayago, was alledged to have been caught red-handed in her matrimonial bed cheating with another man.

She is a member of a Pentecostal church in Chitungwiza alleged that one of the men her husband, Bernard Matora sent to woo her so he and his relatives will have a reason to send her out from their family house, seduced her.

Molly said; “My husband, with the help of some of his relatives, wanted me to move away from this family house.

“They approached several men to propose to me so as to accuse me of cheating.

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“One of the men seduced me with his sweet tongue and I failed to resist his advances and we ended up having sex.

Matora her husband also threw out his cheating wife and forced her to sleep outside after he caught her red-handed in the act. He is also alleged to have severely assaulted his wife’s adulterous lover.

Molly added; “The incident took place at around 9 pm and they severely attacked him that I am not sure of his condition.

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The ”prayer warrior” disclosed that she packed her belongings and moved to another house within the neighbourhood the next day, saying that it was best for her as she was not wanted.

Molly said; “I was no longer wanted here so they would send men to propose to me so let me go on my own.”

Her husband on the other hand said that there was no excuse for Molly’s conduct and revealed that he would have his matrimonial bedroom cleansed by Prophets.

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Motara said; “I caught them red-handed between the sheets in my matrimonial bedroom that she has no excuse at all.

“She has been bedding several men and taking them into my house.

“I am going to engage prophets to come and clean my defiled bedroom.”

One of the neighbours however said that Molly’s shenanigans were well known in the neighbourhood.

The neighbor said; “She has finally been caught red-handed by her husband but we have been witnessing several men clashing.


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