If you are a man, whether in a relationship or not, this article is one you should not miss at all. It will guide you in your relationship and help you understand certain things, especially this very notion believed by many people, not just men, but also women, and the notion states that ‘Ignoring women makes them attracted to you. I think this is an absurd idea and a shallow way of thinking, and I guess I am not the only one who thinks that, as other relationship coaches and psychologists tend to think the same. Now, without much waste of time, let’s go right into why I refer to this notion as being absurd and shallow. 

Psychology Of Ignoring Women

I don’t know who was the original inventor and founder of this theory and I do not know if this has ever worked out perfectly till the end (notice I wrote ’till the end’ for any one of which I doubt it has.

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Unhappy Relationship

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This is the number one psychological effect of ignoring a woman you are in a relationship with. You see, habits are not just formed in a day or overnight. Habits develop with time and constant practice. What do I mean? You see, when you are trying to get your girlfriend’s attention, the best way to do that is to communicate, iron out issues, and talk things over, but when you ignore it, it becomes a habit and, at some point, she feels she should be the one ignored all the time. Instead of talking it over like normal couples or people, you resort to ignoring each other, which is sad and causes an unhappy relationship, as most issues that would normally last a day or few hours become a long, sad week of no communication and, with time, your relationship or even marriage becomes an unhappy one.

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-Fall Out Of Love Or Lack Of Love: 

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I say this all the time. There is nothing as sexy as getting attention from the person you have a crush on, or are in a relationship with, or married to. When you constantly ignore a lady, you are teaching her how to gradually live without you, which she will do in no distant time, and once she has mastered that, she will eventually fall out of love with you, and this will definitely lead to the end of whatever was going on between you two.

Women love attention. That is one important thing that makes them feel loved, desired, and wanted, but once that is no more, they look for the next possible way out.

– As A Man, You Attract A Toxic Woman

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This should have been the very first reason I should have given, but you know what they say about saving the best for last, well this is it. Once you ignore a woman, it gradually becomes a competition between the both of you to see who ignores the other the most. At least that is the message you sent to her. Once you try to stop it, it becomes too late as she begins to ignore you because, after falling out of love with you and being unhappy, she gradually becomes a toxic woman without even knowing she is becoming toxic, and all thanks to you.

The fact remains that communication, love, and attention always win over ignoring a woman, and even if it seems to be going so well for you, just know that you are gradually teaching her to be toxic to you and love you less.

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