Reason Facebook was first created

Reason Facebook was first created

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, which is the most favourable using social network today in the world, launched in 2004 with the original purpose to what it is today in a global world.

According to the History; “The original purpose of Facebook”, was to enable Harvard students (Zuckerberg school) to use their dot edu (.edu) email addresses and photos to connect with other students at the school’, which later became successful, after thousands of Harvard students registered to his newly created Facebook site.

This boosted Mark’s morale to move forward to make it global outside the college to connect the entire world together, after the first successful experience he got from the college.

However, Mark Zuckerberg later made Facebook to escalate all over the countries of the world with so many difference features that changed the entire initial purpose to more valuable purpose to humanity across the entire world and this had made the company position politely amongst other social media platforms in the world.

Now, about 75% of Facebook users (mostly Africans) don’t know how to use this feature that has added in Facebook to harness business stress by connecting you with a larger audience within and outside your country faster depending on your business requirements.

Facebook ain’t only much about posting pictures and chatting with friends as many users thought, but it’s tactical for running business and advertisement (ads) to get people connected from different axis of the world.

Facebook also stands as the best social media platform for every users to get people connected to their other private social media accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, telegram etc as their followers or subscribers for online activities in their different channels or any online/offline activities that requires people.

As an entrepreneur or a business mogul that wants to promote /increase your sales, you can create a Facebook business page for yourself to grow your business in just a meantime…

In my next article, I’ll show you how to create and run your business Facebook page for your businesses of all kinds and how fast it works…


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