One of the pastor who was among the 40 pastors recently fired by Bishop David Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church has spoken out about how graduate pastors were given N38,000 per month.

The dismissed pastor revealed that his gross pay was N53,000, and they were paid N38,000 monthly, with the remainder going for pension and housing allowance. The preacher met with Sahara Reporters but did not want his identity disclosed.

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Oyedepo and his top Pastors knew they would fire us before hiring us,” he added. That’s why they hired us on a trial basis. Someone went online to spread falsehoods in favour of the church, claiming that the newly dismissed pastors were paid N80,000 and home rent was N150,000 per month.

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“I’ll just say a few words here; no employed preacher in the church was paid N80,000 the pastor revealed. The maximum compensation is N53,000 for degree holders, and this is not the net salary at the end of the month. At the end of the month, the pastor would only receive N38,000; N6,000 will go to the pension account, and N9,000 will go to the home rent account.

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“It is quite amusing that the pastors, whom we revere, could retain the money they took from our wages in their own bank accounts for so long without contributing to our pension funds. They started paying into the pension funds after they fired us. Think about that.


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