It was announced earlier by Daily Times that the Middle Belt or North Central part of Nigeria allegedly declared its own nation. After the sudden declaration, their flags, currency, and name emerged but the states that will make up or in support of the alleged nation were not revealed.

Reports conveyed that the Middle Belts made this decision due to the neglect, marginalization, and insecurity issues surrounding their indigenous people in the country. However, a lot of people have been waiting to see the states that will make up the Middle West Republic.

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The Middle Belt also cited as the North Central is a region that comprises the minor and major ethnic groups in Nigeria coexisting together. The middle belt is situated at the center of Nigeria and stretches longitudinally from one end of the map to another. Meanwhile, some groups in this part of Nigeria have claimed that there are not part of the North, so the question now is how many of them will support the agitation for the alleged Middle Belt Republic? Below are the lists of the States that might make up the Middle West Republic.

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Benue, Adamawa, Abuja, Kogi, Kwara, Niger, Nasarawa, Taraba, and Plateau State.

What do you think about this whole thing? In my opinion, I don’t think that these people have sufficient natural resources. The best solution is to pray for Nigeria to become better, everyone will benefit more when we are together.