According to verified sources, it was revealed that the Cotonou rejected Sunday Igboho transfer, See why Benin Republic refused Sunday Igboho extradition to Nigeria.

After Sunday Igboho was arrested at the Benin Republic, there have been a lot of issues for him, from being tied down in chains, to being tortured.

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It was revealed that the Nigerian government tried to get him extradited to Nigeria yesterday.

But, why Benin Republic refused Sunday Igboho Extradition to Nigeria was because they said the decision was in haste and they couldn’t confirm if he was truly a Nigerian cause he doesn’t have his passport on him, stating that the rule of law must be followed.

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According to the verified source who stated “Federal Govt made a plan to extradite the Oduduwa Nation Agitator to Nigeria, yesterday but unfortunately their plan to extradite Sunday Igboho to Nigeria was refused by Benin Republic officials, who insisted that the rule of law must prevail.

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