The Nigeria senate president, Ahmad Lawanhas described the current state of Nigeria’s economy as ‘worst shape the country can find itself’. He talked about the country’s rise in debt, saying that it is a “necessary burden”.

Ahmad Lawan said this at the second aanniversary of the ninth senate in Abuja.

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 “I believe this is the worse level we can get, we can’t get worse than this; it can only get better.”Lawan said.

The Senate President also noted that the Nigeria economy could only get better.

“I believe we are going to have a reversal of this situation. We should not be despair, we should be optimistic. Other countries were like this before and they came out, we will come out.” He added.

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The senate president called on Nigerians to be positive and the situation. He noted that other countries were in Nigeria’s current situation but they were able to turn things around.

Lawan also revealed that former president, Olusegun Obasanjo and other religious leaders are working to find solutions.

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Twitter will be back for Nigerians soon- senate president