SITREP on Water works Anambra State… Report of Conspiracy to steal or posses Government property through Proxy –POg

SITREP on Water works Anambra State… Report of Conspiracy to steal or posses Government property through Proxy –POg

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)

We remembered the Macabre Dance which ushered current Government into place, when it was crafty designed with agreement and non disclosure terms, but we remembered that the Government agreed or stayed silent when Water works obtained a Court Garnish Order, which empowered them to garnish Anambara state money, about 3 Billion Naira ecological Fund.
When that happened, I thought that our Public Water will start working once again, like it use to be.. But whosai..

The money were used to pay off or soothe some nerves in the defund water Corporation, please don’t ask for the settlement or disbursement format for that 3 Billion Naira, that is water under the bridge for now.. Let’s move on..

Recently as the Government tenure comes to official winding up, as Politics to bring a replacement either by Vote or imposition is on plot , the Government or Con people masquerading as Government proxy has started a grand design that are taking away every Bolt and Nuts in that Corporation, which started as Auctioning of the Assets of Water Corporation, they started with the Corporation headquarters located in OKA.

It was reported by Staff of the Corporation that one Victor Ezepue brought one Police man and some Soldiers to their office to cart away Equipment of the Ministry in an auction carried out without any notice to the corporation nor was it carried out on the premises, rather they said it was done without public knowledge nor bringing the managers and workers of the Corporation to the know, atleast they will know the Corporation is going and finally gone.

That never happened as the auctioning wasn’t done on any record but someone went to the Corporation with Law enforcers whose Legal Department would’ve been consulted and they peruse the papers and acknowledge that it went through proper and legal process.

Just as the workers stand up to the Law enforcers informing them that they have been with the Corporation right from when it was carved out from Old Anambara state which include Enugwu State and they know the Equipments in stock, know the value and the prices and should know if there will be auctioning of the Wares.

They demanded to see a letter from the Governor who has the executive power to take such decision, the enforcers said it was the Commissioner for Utilities that signed off the equipment as auctioned.

The Soldiers who came as executors on a Civil matter said Victor told their Boss that the Workers in that Ministry are touts, which made the Boss send them to the mission, but when they arrived and saw that the supposed Touts are legitimate workers in the ministry , they cooled a bit but not the Police man who is leading things as if he runs the Government .

The Police man said Victor told them that it was the Commissioner for Utilities that asked them to come and cart away everything in Water works , especially what ANAMBRA STATE inherited from when the state was divided between Enugwu and Anambara.

What they carted away including all the 75 Mm valves that each run into Several Hundreds of Millions Naira.

Over 200 pcs of Iron they use to establish Bridges that cost over 350 Million Naira.

They said the Commissioner is denying his involvement, but the auctioneer Mr EMMA MBANUGO who is working in concert with Victor have evacuated everything including vehicles from the premises according to the Workers at WATER WORKS , then it is irony that the Policeman attached to them was the person that bought the Keys used to lock up the place after destroying the original keys allocated to the workers by the Government, and he keep the keys of the changed Padlock , so he goes back whenever and they cart whatever that remains…

This is theft of Government properties and if it was the Governor that authorize it like they also said, the office of Secretary to the Government should raise a memo to back it up and the ministry will have copies for accountability sake..

We tried getting reaction from the Commissioner for Utilities, we sent a message at 11.29AM, that provides “Good Morning Hon Commish, this is Mazi Odera POg JP, we are about doing a publication about the properties of WATER WORKS sold in an unannounced auction.
Was it your office that authorized the sale with the approval of the EXCO?.
Did you know the workers of the Corporation wasn’t consulted?
There was no staff present to note the item and quantity they carried away.. What is your office reaction to this.. Thanks POg “

As he did not respond, we also send him another on 13.39 Pm as” Sir, we are going to the press at the end of today’s Business and no response from you means all assumptions are correct.. Pen of the gods “.
As at publishing this, the Commissioner never deem it fit to reply, which means he may have backing that is generous and against the ethics of selling Government properties.

Until we get response from the Commissioner, we expect the Government to step up and make sure our Properties we inherited from separation of states are safely stowed for our future usage , as the previous Governors saw it and worked around it.

Meanwhile IDC lied when they went to inspect the BROKEN AROMA BRIDGE, for they walked on safe ground and make accessment then said the Bridge is safe, they would’ve walked on Top of the bridge, stayed on top to assure us that the crack was just a fluke, but staying far away and throwing assurance is showing lack of confidence.

Parking official Cars of the Government and that of the Contractor on top of the bridge would’ve serve a very important Political shore up, but throwing lip service from distance is a NO NO..

I remain Last Born Mpa Nnukwu, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Special Adviser on Good Governance to Anambara state Governor, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka, trying to understand the setting of our State properties..


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