“Southern Governors Meeting Was An Act Of Betrayal” – Senator Adamu


Senator Abdullahi Adamu,a former Governor and current senatyor representing Nasarawa western senatorial zone of Nasarawa state at the National Assembly, has lashed the southern Governors over their recent meeting, he expressed disappointment, describing their meeting a as betrayal.

He said the meeting was an act of betrayal of their trusts, saying each governor is on oath and the oath of their offices emphases loyalty to this country, loyalty to the suverenty of this country,loyalty to the flag and to the president, that’s their oath of office.

Senator Adamu,who admitted the fact that there are various forms of association,because of the freedom of movement and association,giving to what the constitution bequeathed on every citizen of Nigeria,he however stated that the facts remains that as leaders and particularly, governor’s,they have a forum called the National Councils of States(NCS) which every governor is a member,including past and present presidents.

Adamu said by this forum it then means that there can never be a better forum for them to discuss issues if any.

Senator Abdullahi Adamu reacted over the meeting of the southern Governors,while felicitating with Muslims on the occasion of the Eid El fitr in his Keffi resident in Keffi local government area of Nasarawa state.

According to him” so for the fact that they have taken it as a divisive woes ,it does not speak well of their intentions as leaders, so I feel is a betrayal of their truses. Because they are leaders in their levels and they have been making statements, which is like a broken record, repeating same statement over and over again.

“And there is just nothing in it, they do not want to go to the appropriate body, which is the National Assembly, we are elected there,we have their people whom they elected to represent them as their representatives, so if they feel they have issues of importance that they feel touches on the constitution of this country, let them go there and channel their grieviences.

”We will sit, debate about it and try to see to how best it can be tackled.

“But for everybody wanting things to be done in his own way at all times, there can never be a one Nigeria.

“There is a constitution and a frame work under which we are supposed to operate as governors, but to go outside it is a betrayal of their oaths of office as governors.

“Each of them talking there, if you take a look at what is happening in their states, they can not in all honesty and in good conscience challenge president Buhari.

“Let’s take them one by one,what they are doing today, what those who voted them are undergoing today, is it Buhari that put them through? Does Buhari takes their Federal allocations, is Buhari the one collecting their states IGR? So enough of these nonesense” He quiered.

Speaking further, the chairman senate committee on agriculture, Dr Abdullahi Adamu posited that ensuring security and peace is everybody’s business, as there can not be shortcuts to achieving it.

He said, as a responsibility and a duty expected of everyone to play a part, it has always been on a structure which is from bottom -up and that once the bottom-up philosophy is obeyed, there will be some relative peace and security.

The former governor also added that he was abit disappointed with those subversive elements agitating for the division of the country, saying it was quite unfortunate, but maintained that they will fail, because their peace and prosperity depends on the stability of the country.


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