An SS3 understudy was killed amid a clash between security agents of the Joint Border Patrol Group (JBPT) and suspected rice runners at Irosu town close Badagry. Alade Oba, 18, was hit by stray bullet and kicked the bucket on the spot amid the clash with JBPT comprising Customs, Armed force and Migration on Saturday, June 19. The JBPT, which was set up within the consequence of the border closure of August 2019, is however to be disbanded. It was accumulated that the JBPT were on schedule watch at Irosu community close Sawa check point around Owode-Apa border post in look of carried remote rice, taking after a tip-off.

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A few wronged adolescents, in any case, gone up against the operatives, vowing that on no account ought to any security specialist be permitted to enter their space to carry out the operation. “Be that as it may, within the following wrangle, the operatives begun shooting into the discuss. Within the prepare, one Alade Oba, an SSS3 student of Kankon Auxiliary School, was hit by a stray bullet and kicked the bucket on the spot. This brought about into genuine challenge by the adolescents who mobilized and burn tires, requesting for the discharge of Oba’s corpse,” a source at the scene told News Organization of Nigeria. The distress incited the Commanding Officer of 243 Recce Unit, Ibereko, Badagry, Col. Nicholas Rume, to lead his men to the region to contain what might have deteriorated into advance misfortune of lives. The deceased body was afterward discharged to the family for burial while troopers were sent to preserve peace within the area.