Stabbing Rampage At A Supermarket Leaves Three Fighting For Life


Five people rushed to hospital after a stabbing attack in a Dunedin supermarket

Three of the injured are in a critical condition, the others have moderate injuries

The stabbing rampage unfolded about 2:30pm local time on Monday

A man was arrested at the scene and has been taken into police custody 

Three people are fighting for life and a blood-spattered man wearing a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ shirt has been arrested after a stabbing rampage inside a supermarket

The horrific incident unfolded in the Countdown supermarket on Cumberland Street, Dunedin, New Zealand’s South Island, on Monday afternoon, with customers desperately trying to intervene to stop the attack. 

St John ambulance confirmed five people were rushed to hospital following the attack – three people have critical injuries and the others have moderate injuries.

Two of the injured are Countdown employees while the other three were customers who were inside the store at the time of the ferocious attack about 2:30pm local time.

A man wearing a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ shirt was handcuffed at the Countdown supermarket on Cumberland Street, Dunedin, New Zealand, on Monday afternoon after three people were left in a critical condition following a stabbing attack

A man who was injured in the stabbing rampage is taken from the scene by paramedics

Witnesses said a man carrying two knives had entered the store, which is located next to a police station and just metres from the iconic Dunedin Railway Station and the city’s heart, the Octagon. 

Police said the arrested man was put under police guard in hospital where he was receiving medical attention before being formally spoken to or charged.  

Southern District Police Commander Superintendent Paul Basham said it was a ‘fast-moving and extremely traumatic event for every person in that supermarket – the victims who were injured, those present who tried to intervene and those who had to flee to a place of safety’. 

Supt Basham said while the investigation was still in its early stages, ‘on the face of what we currently know, we believe this was a random attack’. 

He said he had viewed CCTV footage of the attack ‘which is quite traumatic’. 

‘What I can say is those that intervened, some of who became injured themselves,  have acted selfless and great courage to prevent this man from hurting anybody else – and indeed they did just that,’ he said. 

A witness told the  Daily Times: ‘We just heard a scream and thought someone must’ve fallen, but it got louder and louder and more people were screaming’.

Courtesy: dailymail


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