Sultan cries out, disclose the worst place in Nigeria


The Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar III, has disclosed worst place to leave in Nigeria. The Sultan said that the North is not secure, contrary to the impression of most Nigerians.

Abubakar said the bandits’ activities have made the area dangerous, stressing that the region is the country’s worst location.

He spoke yesterday at the fourth quarterly meeting of the Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) of Nigeria in Abuja.

The monarch said the wielding bandits of AK 47 go around unregulated in the cities, households and markets.

He said: “Security situation in northern Nigeria has assumed a worrisome situation.

“People think North is safe, but that assumption is not true. In fact, it’s the worst place to be in this country.

“Because bandits go around in the villages, households and markets with their AK 47 and nobody is changing them.”

This comes as the military targeted a group of bandits in the general areas of Kugosi and Kajari in the Kaduna State Local Government Area of Chikun.

At the limits between Kaduna and Niger State, the bandits were found.

This was disclosed yesterday by the Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Mr. Samuel Aruwan.

Recently, despite the presence of security forces, there have been many reports of bandits targeting villages and communities in the North.


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